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ITB Stretch

ITB Stretch
Setup #1

  1. Stand next to a wall, facing perpendicular to the wall about six inches away
  2. Cross the leg that is farther from the wall in front of the other leg such that if your left side is closest to the wall your right foot is now between your left foot and the wall, both feet facing directly forward

Execution #1

  1. Shift your hips toward the wall until they’re resting on the wall
  2. Lean slightly away from the wall with your torso

Setup #2

  1. Stand next to a doorway facing perpendicular to the doorway with your right side closer to the door
  2. Cross your left leg behind your right such that your left foot is now tot the right of your right foot
  3. Reach your left arm up and over your body to grab onto the doorway, bending your torso to the right as you do so

Execution #2
Gently let your hips shift to the left.  Repeat for opposite side.


  1. You have to “play” with this stretch.  Slightly alter the angle that you shift your hips out (i.e. instead of shifting them directly to the side, shift them to the side and forward a bit or to the side and backwards a bit.  Everybody’s body is different.

“ITB stretch” is kind of a misnomer because the ITB is a tendon, not a muscle.  This ITB stretch stretches the ITB by pulling on the two muscles that the ITB attaches to, the tensor fascia latae (TFL), a hip muscle, and the gluteus maximus (your butt).  There are no stretch receptors in tendons themselves so it can be hard to tell if you’re doing this stretch right. 


  1. Iliotibial Band Stretch @ rice.edu
  2. Stretches to Ease ITB Syndrome @ itbs.info
  3. ITB Stretches @ nismat.org


Last Updated: 11/10/2008
Originally Posted: 11/10/2008