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Home > Stretches > Subscapularis Stretch #2

Subscapularis Stretch #2



  1. Pickup a broom or some sort of pole.
  2. Reach across the front of your torso with your left hand, holding the broomstick upright in your left hand with your left thumb towards the sky and your pinky towards the ground.
  3. With your right hand reach up and back over your shoulder to grab the broomstick such that your pinky is towards the sky and your thumb towards the ground.  The broomstick should now be resting against the outside of your right bicep.
  4. Fan your right arm out to the right such that it’s in line with your torso, your right elbow pointing 90 degrees to your right with your humerus (bicep) parallel to the ground.

subscapularis stretch


Push your left hand, which at this point is about a foot to the right of your belly button, straight forward such that your right humerus tilts backwards.  You should feel a stretch emanating from underneath your right shoulder blade (i.e. scapula).

subscapularis stretch


  1. This stretch is hard on the wrist of the arm being stretched.  Instead of grabbing the broomstick with that arm, try simply placing your writs behind the broomstick.
  2. Place the bottom of the pole on a bed/couch/chair instead of holding it with the non-stretched arm.  You will have less control over the stretch but expend less effort.

rotator cuff stretch wrist
holding with your wrist is more comfortable


While technically this stretch is probably a better technique than subscapularis stretch #1, it’s less convenient because it requires a broomstick.  Also, if you have winged scapula, this stretch will probably serve you better than subscapularis stretch #1.   

rotator cuff stretch



Last Updated: 9/29/2008
Originally Posted: 4/7/2008