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Home > Stretches > Psoas Stretch #2

Psoas Stretch #2


  1. Kneel on the ground, one foot planted, one foot back, like you’re going to be knighted by the Queen.
  2. The knee of the foot that is back behind you should be on the ground, directly underneath your hip and the rest of your body (initially).
  3. Move your hips forward but keep your torso upright or even leaning back a bit.

iliopsoas stretch start positionpsoas stretch end position


  1. You will feel a stretch on the front of the hip of the leg that is back behind you (right where you pant pocket would be).
  2. Make sure the knee of the leg in front does not go farther forward than the toes of the same foot.  If it does, reset your position, but this time don’t start your lead leg at a 90-90 setup, rather put your foot farther forward such that your lead leg looks like this: \_, where the diagonal line is your calf/shin and the horizontal one is your foot.  I’m not kidding about this.  Your knee should never pass in front of your toes while weight bearing, it’s brutal on the knee joint.
  3. Do this with some sort of support on either side of you, like two chairs, and put and arm on each chair.  This will increase your control over the stretch and it will be less of a balancing act.
  4. Put some sort of cushioning under the planted knee, or do it on carpet.
  5. Lean your torso back if you don’t feel much of a stretch.

Okay, so for those of you who don’t want to do iliopsoas stretch #1 for whatever reason, you can do this iliopsoas stretch as an alternative.  In my opinion, and in the opinion of one physical therapist I spoke with, this iliopsoas stretch is inferior to the iliopsoas stretch detailed above.  The inferiority of this psoas stretch stems from a number of factors.  First, you have less control over the stretch because you have to use leg, hip, and torso muscles just to execute this stretch.  Who wants to do a balancing act while they’re trying to stretch?  With the other one you’re totally relaxed and have total control over the intensity of the stretch just by pulling on a rope.  Second, it puts much of your body weight on one of your knee caps, which hurts.

psoas stretch #1


Last Updated: 9/29/2008
Originally Posted: 4/7/2008